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  • Hilaturas Arnau, founded in 1947, is one of the best known brands of European recycled textiles, located only 20kms from Barcelona. Our clients are prestigious European brands. We manufacture fashion and technical yarns for the European network, expertise niche markets with high added value   accessing to high end markets and customers.

    Circulareconomy  |  ZeroWaste  |  GRS certification

    Recycled Fabrics & Yarns made in Hilaturas Arnau from recycled WO, PET, PA, CO, PARA-ARAMID, META-ARAMID, PREOX, PBI, MODACRYLIC, UHMWPE, ARCELON, NEXYLON, GRILLON, ROHOVYL...  and other Recycled Fibers whose origin is TERRESTRIAL OR MARITIME WASTE.

    RECYCLED VEGAN TEXTILES are produced in our spinning plant, mixing recycled fibers with new natural materials like CORN, cottonized HEMP, BAMBOO, KAPOK, RAMIE, TEA, MINT, ROSE,  ALOE VERA... .Producing new 0% synthetic/animal and 100% vegan, 100% sustainable, 100% compostable and also fire retardant products.